Thursday, October 21, 2010

Casts N Personality in Devil Beside You

Qi Yue: Qi Yue is a sweet and innocent sophomore in college who lives with her widowed mother. She is very shy and sometimes clueless, but has a loyal and kind heart that shines even through the toughest of times. She harbors a crush on the captain of the basketball team, Yuan Yi, but her life is turned upside-down by Ahmon. Eventually, she falls out of love with Yuan Yi and starts developing feelings for Ahmon. She constantly worries about him and their relationship being discovered. Qi Yue is also one of the managers of the basketball team. Although it hurts for her to accept that Jiang Meng is her future brother, she still continues to love the devil boy. 

Jiang Meng: Nicknamed Ah Meng and Ahmon by his fellow peers, he is the son of the president of the school. He is a freshman at the college, yet he has power over his teachers due to his father's position. Ahmon is also frightening to a lot of people and is known to bully girls, yet he is also known as the "prince of seduction." Despite his cool composure and "bad" attitude, Ahmon has a gentle side and often sticks up for what is right. Li Xiang has a crush on him, which he does not reciprocate, but Ahmon has feelings for Qi Yue. Although she is his future stepsister (elder), he does love her and enjoys teasing her. He knows that she loves him but gets jealous when he finds out that there are new people that are pursuing her. Ahmon also joins the basketball team and has faster reflexes than rival Yuan Yi's. Ah Meng also has a little brother. 

Shang Yuan Yi: Yuan Yi is a boy in Qi Yue's class (teasingly nicknamed "Ah Yi (Auntie in Chinese)", and is the captain of the basketball team. Qi Yue is initially in love with Yuan Yi for his gentle personality. Yuan Yi reciprocates her feelings and they become a couple. When Qi Yue falls in love with Ahmon, she breaks up with Yuan Yi, wishing not to lead him on. Yuan Yi is angry and hostile towards Ahmon at first, but gets over it and realizes his feelings for Qing Zi after she kisses him and he admits that he has feelings towards Qi Yue but he also knows he has no more chance because of Ahmon.. 

Qing Zi: Qing Zi is Qi Yue's outspoken best friend. She and Xiao Cai are the ones who encourages Qi Yue to confess her love to Yuan Yi, even though Qing Zi herself had a crush on him. Qing Zi cares for Qi Yue a lot and spends a lot of effort in helping her. After Qi Yue and Yuan Yi break up, Qing Zi starts dating Yuan Yi. Qing Zi and Yuan Yi's relationship is tested when Qing Zi feels that Yuan Yi is spending more time playing basketball than being with her. Feeling dejected, she meets with a stranger she chatted with online. She later gets into a tussle with him and Yuan Yi comes to her rescue instead of playing in the team's basketball match. When her father gets a new job, he forces her to emigrate with him, taking her away from Yuan Yi and her friends. Yuan Yi, in order to keep her with him, challenges her father, a skilled swordsman. 

Xiao Cai : Xiao Cai is Qi Yue and Qing Zi's friend. She and Qing Zi were the ones who supported Qi Yue to confess her love to Yuan Yi. Unlike Qing Zi, Xiao Cai appears to be more calm. She also alerted Yuan Yi of Qing Zi's escapade with the stranger because she was worried about Qing Zi's safety. 

Yuan Chuan Rang: He is nicknamed Ah Rang and the little brother of Ah Meng. Their father tried desperately to forget about him, and named Ah Meng as the successor of the company. Ah Rang follows and stalks Qi Yue everywhere, trying to force her and blackmail her to like him, who in turn, does everything she can to stop him. He tries to ruin Ah Meng's name, and puts Ah Meng and Qi Yue in lots of danger. He is later softened by Qi Yue, who later feels sorry for him and reaches out to him, and becomes more open. Ah Rang actually really looks up to Ah Meng and sees him as a hero, and actually cares deeply about him. He also tried to act like him, which causes him to get bullied and beaten up in school. Ahmon then teaches him how to protect himself and fight the boys who bulied him. His mother chose him instead of Ah Meng when his parents divorced, causing Ah Meng to envy his younger brother. Ah Meng would often ignore him and never look at him, and act coldly toward him. Ah Rang is also being helped by the university president's assistant who is in love with Ah Rang's mother, who does not reciprocate that love. Plus, Ah Meng had accidentally shoved Ah Rang into a vase that had severely injured and cut his neck when they were young. This caused Ah Meng to have felt really sorry to his younger brother over the years. Because of this injury, he usually is weak and can collapse due to breath failure. [He has asthma] After a "fake" attack, he and Ah Meng rekindle their relationship and become brothers once more. 

Meidi: A girl who Ahmon saved when she dropped her glasses in the middle of a road. He took her to an optician and bought new glasses for her. She never got a good sight of him as she broke her glasses, but she fell in love with him. Coincidentally, Ahmon's grandmother arranged a marriage for him and Meidi to try to break Ahmon and Qi Yue apart. She is well-sheltered because everyone thinks she is cute and innocent due to her appearance. Ahmon is the only person, besides blunt Li Xiang, that didn't give her what she wanted which is one of the reasons she loves him so much. She also has anemia that causes her to be dependent on chocolate, notably Ferrero Rocher, so she always carries a box in her bag. She likes to give out the chocolates to thank people for their kindness. 

Li Xiang: In high school, she was an anti-social girl and acted snotty to all the girls in the class. Whenever she got bullied, Ahmon would protect her. Li Xiang has also developed a crush on Ahmon, calling him "Prince". She would do anything to get Ahmon to notice her, she would even go as far as hiring girls to beat her up so Ahmon could "save" her. Finally she realizes that this is not the way to get him to love her. Yang Ping had a crush on her and she then starts to have feelings for him and goes out with him. 

Yang Ping: Yang Ping is Ahmon's best friend who supports him. He used to be mocked by the middle school basketball teacher because he was overweight and he could not play well. Ahmon was quite defensive and protective over him and he beat up the teacher. This lead then to become good friends. He has feelings for Li Xiang, but she has a crush on Ahmon. He is willing to do anything for her, even trying to beat up Qi Yue with a metal pole. Li Xiang then starts to develop feelings for him and they start to go out

Ahsen: Qi Yue's first crush. He was her father's student when they were younger. He and Qi Yue had spent a lot of time together, and he was her mentor. She had always said when she was younger that she wanted to marry him when she grew up. He studied overseas for some time. When he came back, he became a substitute professor for a short while at her college. He also became the coach for the basketball team. Though he has a girlfriend, he harbors feelings for Qi Yue. Once he knows that Qi Yue is not the same girl she used to be and is in a relationship with Ahmon, he then tries to get back his girlfriend.

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